Обложка книги Think Like an Entrepreneur: Winning the Money Game

Think Like an Entrepreneur: Winning the Money Game

ISBN: 0894992414;
Издательство: Books for Business

Book DescriptionFor a nation supposedly committed to the capitalist system of free market economics, widespread ignorance among Americans about how business actually operates is both surprising and discouraging. In no area of commercial activity is thislack of knowledge more evident than business finance - the process by which a company obtains sufficient money to assure the successful creation of products, services, profits and jobs. While much of the blame for this general economic illiteracy canbe placed on decades of deficient education concerning business fundamentals, that does not explain the narrow ideas held by many of those professionally active in the world of finance - bankers, loan officers, receivable lenders, equipment and real estate financiers. Many of these financing "experts" concern themselves principally with their own areas of interest, ignoring or even denigrating alternative money solutions. This constricted approach may stem in part from the profit...

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