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Hal, Jr., Ph.D. Reames

Amoung the Ravening Sharks

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· OZON.ru 2845р. [Проверить наличие]
ISBN: 1588517195
Издательство: Publishamerica
Called ?the unhappiest bunch of millionaires you'll ever see? by one of their own, pit traders stand crowded into two feet of space. Amid screams, curses, and threats, they make split-second decisions that could earn a fortune or cost them every cent they have. A clinical psychologist tracks down a boyhood friend and is introduced to this small population, which is thriving in an environment with stress levels that would be toxic to most people. He asks them how they master the fear of losing, how they use and control greed. Hear traders from the Nasdaq Futures pit tell how they fared as the Nasdaq began its record decline. Find out how one woman trader thrived among 200 competitive men, why some made a fortune, some made a living, why a few lost their livelihoods, and one lost his life.
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