Обложка книги Harvesting Investments in Private Companies

Harvesting Investments in Private Companies

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ISBN: 1885065159;
Издательство: Edward Elgar Pub

If building and growing a business are the first two steps in creatingwealth, harvesting is the third. From a strictly financial perspective,harvesting is the process entrepreneurs and investors use to exit a business and realize their investment in a firm. But to the entrepreneur, who has often built the business from the ground up, harvesting is about more than money. It brings into play a wide range of personal and nonfinancial issues. This exciting new study from Financial Executives Research Foundation draws from the advice of more than 20 entrepreneurs, investors and advisors who have been closely involved in a number of financial harvests. The book also covers academic research on harvesting and extensively analyzes harvesting options and businessvaluation methods. The result is a first-hand guide to the exciting and demanding process of harvesting a business.

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