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Morry Markovitz

How to Beat the Street with Plan Z: The New Strategy for Safe and Lucrative Investing in the Money Markets

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ISBN: 0471582867
Издательство: Wiley
One of the most stimulating?and effective?new techniques on winning big for the safety-conscious investor! The "thinking man?s trader"?Barron?s Now you can reap the rewards of a brand new investment strategy without the uncertainties often associated with Wall Street investments. Plan Z presents several investment strategies that you can customize to best suit your personal investment requirements, current portfolio, and future goals. The techniques you?ll find in Plan Z address the two most basic needs of any investor: safety and strong returns on your investment. In clear, simple, and lively language, that even the most novice investor can follow, it reveals: How to take advantage of interest rate volatility The first clear explanation of zero coupon bonds and how to capitalize on their unique and enormous potential Why some currently popular investment products fail entirely to work with zeros despite endorsement by noted authorities
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