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John Hood

Investor Politics: The New Force That Will Transform American Business, Government, and Politics in the Twenty-First Century

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ISBN: 1890151513
Издательство: Templeton Foundation Press
The most explosive and political force of the last decade of the twentieth century has been the growth of personal investment. About half of all Americans now own stocks and bonds through IRAs, 401(k)s, and other financial devices. Polls show that personal investment in corporations changes one's view of the economy, world events, and public policy toward taxes, government spending, regulation, and protectionism. Much of the growth of personal investing has been facilitated by innovations in the financial services and information technology arena--such as mutual funds and on-line trading--as well as accidental public policies investment vehicles. This book represents an attempt to sketch out, across a host of public policy topics, a realistic strategy for shrinking the welfare state. To gain a clear understanding of the investor politics of the twenty-first century, the book looks backward to human history and even to prehistory to examine the origins of capital formation. As...
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