Обложка книги Protect Your Retirement Plan Through Global Investing

Protect Your Retirement Plan Through Global Investing

ISBN: 0894992058;
Издательство: Books for Business

You've done your homework and prepared for the day you turn 65. With the help of compound interest, mutual funds, tax shelters and insurance products you've reached your goal. Then you expect the hard-earned money you've put into solid investments tokeep you basking comfortably in the light of those sunset years. But how long can you really live off the income of your retirement fund? Your calculations should reflect three important themes ? inflation, taxes and longer life expectancies. And quite likely, you will have to consider asset protection as well in this litigious age. The world is constantly changing. Your retirement plans will have to be able to adapt to new realities. Demographic trends have been a primary reason for theinstability -- if not bankruptcy -- of government-sponsored pension schemes in the graying developed world. Individual investors are faced with the reality of the social safety net being pulled out from under them, or at least severely...

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