Обложка книги Seeing Tomorrow: Rewriting the Rules of Risk

Seeing Tomorrow: Rewriting the Rules of Risk


ISBN: 0471247367; 9780471247364;
Издательство: Wiley
Страниц: 272

In high-stakes investing and business, success or failure largely depends on how well you play the game of risk—a game in which the rules of competition are constantly being rewritten. Strategies that proved effective in the past are no longer enough to win today. The key to success is not to rely on yesterday's news, but to peer into the future and ask what could happen tomorrow. Presenting a bold new way of thinking about risk, in Seeing Tomorrow Ron Dembo and Andrew Freeman offer a dynamicframework designed to enhance our ability to make important decisions, and consequently change how we manage our investments. By incorporating investors' individual circumstances and tolerances —as well as the unique reasoning behind their decisionmaking—this innovative approach captures much more of how we actually think about risk. From the basic building blocks required for forward-looking risk management, Dembo and Freeman define and explore the roles and...

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