Обложка книги The 11 Elements of Prudent Investing

The 11 Elements of Prudent Investing

ISBN: 0595234232;
Издательство: Writers Advantage

To know how to invest wisely requires more than just learning how to evaluate a stock. You need to know yourself, your requirements and your acceptable risk level, how the stock fits your investment strategy, and its place in the economy at this time. The 11 Elements of Prudent Investing presents a coherent discussion of the problem of picking the right investment. This is accomplished by covering the eleven elements needed to determine the truth of your investments. The first 3 Elements arerequired by everybody, and consist of Common Sense, Responsibility, and Strategies. The next four Elements are for all investors and consist of Quality of Information, Legends of Wall Street, Gurus, and Quality of Company Management. Ignore these at your peril . The last four Elements are of most interest to the active investor who makes his own investment decisions. They are Fundamental Analysis, Technical analysis, Macroeconomics, and Market forces. Learn how to pick...

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