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Roger W. Babson

The Future Method of Investing Money: Economic Facts for Corporations and Investors

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· OZON.ru 1905р. [Проверить наличие]
ISBN: 0894990748
Издательство: Books for Business
This is said to be the frankest and briefest explanation of the ?inside? of the investment business ever published. An important chapter is devoted to showing when to buy. Mr. Babson believes that to know this is more important than to know what to buy. Moreover, if any man is to win in this world, as a manufacturer, merchant or investor, he must be willing to "buck" the crowd and do what the other ninety-nine fellows are not doing. It is in this spirit that Babson urges manufacturers tocontract during times of abnormal prosperity and to extend their plants during periods of depression; while investors are urged to liquidate during booms when everyone is advising purchases, and muster courage to buy securities during pessimistic days when almost everyone is bearish. Babson believes that those who follow his suggestions will be richly repaid for their efforts.
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