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Peter W. Madlem, Thomas K. Sykes, Peter W. Madlem

The International Encyclopedia of Mutual Funds, Closed-End Funds and Real Estate Investment Trusts

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ISBN: 0814404723
Издательство: American Management Association
THE INTERNATIONAL ENCYCLOPEDIA OF MUTUAL FUNDS, CLOSED-END FUNDS, AND REITS Funds and REITs are among the fastest-growing and most important investment vehicles used by huge numbers of investors who wish to capitalize on the stock and real estate booms of the 1990s. This timely book provides the high-quality information, both historical and conceptual, which will help to ensure the right investment choices. The International Encyclopedia of Mutual Funds, Closed-End Funds, and REITS is truly a publishing landmark, designed specifically for the savvy investor of the late 1990s. Every conceivable concept, term, fund type, and strategy as well as a huge array of individual funds and REITs are described, explained, and illustrated in this remarkable book. Complete with glossary terms, extensive appendices, and clear and concise definitions, this on-the-money book promises to become the standard by which all other books on mutual funds and REITs will be judged.
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