Обложка книги The Invisible Investor

The Invisible Investor

ISBN: 9962550556;
Издательство: PT Publishing (Panama)

More than ever before, wealthier, more productive people are being targeted by their tax and justice systems. Tax collectors are no longer the only danger. Many middle class people who build up a sizable nest egg are rightly worried about losing it to a "Robin Hood" legal system. Get caught in court and the only sure result is that your retirement nest will be taken from your so-called deep pockets to be transferred to the pockets of any trickster with the foresight to sue you. The facts of a case do not matter too much anymore. Fighting the system is not a viable option. Remember that the rule of government is "Heads we win, Tails you Lose." It does not have to be this way! Educate yourself as to the options you have to protect yourself and yourassets. Explore your options and develop your own game plan. It is better to walk away with as many of your chips as you can carry. You can move yourself and your possessions to a climate that is much more favorable. The purpose of...

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