Обложка книги Light Bulbs for Leaders : A Guide Book for Team Learning

Light Bulbs for Leaders : A Guide Book for Team Learning


ISBN: 0471146633; 9780471146636;
Издательство: Wiley
Страниц: 176

An unorthodox, yet highly effective approach to team learning. Part novel, part workbook, Light Bulbs for Leaders is brimming with insights, ideas, tools, and step-by-step guidelines all packaged in a down-to-earth, easy-to digest form. Book I, "A Tale of Teamwork and Continuous Learning," tells the fictional story of Fulcrum Corporation and its efforts to regain the considerable ground it has lost in recent years. Faced with rapidly shrinking budgets and mounting competition, CEO Gary Anderson concludes that radical culture change is Fulcrum's only hope for survival. He appoints a learning team of six senior managers, Janice, Ted, Pat, Andy, Lois, and John, to thrash out the details of just how this can be accomplished. As the story unfolds, you follow the team's adventures as they attempt to fulfill their mission and to transform Fulcrum from a fractious collection of brilliant high-tech cowboys into a learning organization of team players. You experience their...