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Richard Stim

Your Crafts Business: A Legal Guide (Your Crafts Business, 1st Ed)

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ISBN: 0873378385
Издательство: Nolo Press
U.S. craftwork is $13 billion industry and crafts artisans now average $76,000 in annual sales. As the crafts business has increased, so have the legal and business problems. Fortunately, you now have a guide to help wind your way through the maze of legal and business rules. Your Crafts Business covers everything from intellectual-property rights to dealing with business taxes. Learn all about: *contracts, consignments, sales, shows and collections *business basics *copyrights, design patents and trademarks *preventing infringement and tracking down infringers *licensing principles and agreements *hiring and firing employees, contractors and sales reps *lawyers, lawsuits and liability *getting your crafts business on the Web *and more Your Crafts Business clearly explains legal principles that protect a crafts business and help it grow. It also provides practical advice on how to deal with day-to-day problems -- such as dealing with...