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Lynn F. Gunlicks

The Machiavellian Manager's Handbook for Success

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ISBN: 059500041X
Издательство: iUniverse
The Machiavellian Manager lives by one Code of Ethics: Whatever I can get away with to enhance my career is acceptable. Success is defined by the accumulation of power, prestige, and wealth. The Machiavellian Manager's career is very successful and marked by rapid advancement. Unfortunately, the road to success is paved with the ruined careers of former associates and colleagues. The Machiavellian Manager is amoral and you may be the next victim. In today's "survival of the fittest" businessclimate, you need to know how to plan and execute a counterattack on the most destructive force in the office: The Machiavellian Manager. You can defend yourself against the lethal tactics of the Machiavellian and succeed honorably with the help of The Machiavellian Manager's Handbook for Success .
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