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Strategic Brand Communication Campaigns


ISBN: 0-84422-952-0; 5-938-90006-9; 9780844229522;
Издательство: McGraw-Hill
Страниц: 400

In the marketplace of the 21st century, the critical form of customer communication will be broader than advertising and promotional messages. Customers have relationships with the brand, combining all the forms of communication that give meaning to products and services. Brand communication creates an interactive relationship between the product or service and consumers, which is a major change in the way advertisers and marketers have traditionally viewed customer communication. Authors Don Schultz and Beth Barnes have built on the foundation of their best-selling text, Strategic Advertising Campaigns, to create a book that embodies this new approach to advertising and marketing communication: Strategic Brand Communication Campaigns . This innovative text focuses on the messages and incentives customers receive, rather than what marketers send out, which differentiates brand communication management from advertising management. The brand will drive the 21st...