Обложка книги The Pursuit of Wow!

The Pursuit of Wow!

ISBN: 0679755551;
Издательство: Vintage; 1st edition
Страниц: 368

Though Peters has gained more than his share of critics, his high-priced seminars remain wildly popular, and those who attend become enthusiastic supporters, vowing that their lives have been changed. But Peters sometimes contradicts himself, and the dozen years after his groundbreaking In Search of Excellence find almost two-thirds of his excellence standard-bearers failed or in trouble. This is Peters' second of the publisher's original paperback editions--with "simultaneous Random House AudioBook" ($12)!--following last summer's The Tom Peters Seminar: Crazy Times Call for Crazy Organizations. Depending on one's view of Peters, it might be summed up as either "the best of Peters" or "the rest of Peters." It consists of 210 observations, snippets, aphorisms, conceits, and quotes, "loosely collected by topic in 13 more-or-less chapters," that have been gathered by Peters over the last several years and haven't found room in his seminars or other books. Given that barrage of ideas,...