Обложка книги Big Shots: Business the Richard Branson Way

Big Shots: Business the Richard Branson Way

ISBN: 1841121495;
Издательство: Capstone; 2nd edition
Страниц: 192

In the modern world of business, Richard Branson stands alone. In an era dominated by strategists, he is an opportunist. His company, the Virgin Group, is unique. Never before has a single brand been so successfully deployed across such a diverse range of goods and services. The distinctive red and white Virgin logo, it seems, is as elastic as Mates condoms - just one of many products it promotes. Branson is the ultimate brand-builder. How does he do it? Now brought completely up-to-date for this new edition, Business the Richard Branson Way not only reveals the secrets of Branson's remarkable success but also draws out the universal lessons and identifies strategies that can be applied to any business or career. From picking on someone bigger than you to moving faster than a speeding bullet, and from making work fun to keeping the common touch, you have in your hands the secrets of phenomenal success.

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