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Daniel F. Oriesek

Maximizing Corporate Reputation Through Effective Governance: A Study Of Structures And Behaviors

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ISBN: 1581122292
Издательство: Dissertation.Com.
Год издания: 2004
Book DescriptionThe aim of this dissertation research is to develop an understanding of how components of the organizational structure, leadership structures at the top level and resource allocation decisions may affect corporate reputation as defined bythe reputation quotient(RQ),and which aspects of running a company top management should keep an eye on in order to maximize the reputation of their company? Based on a literature review on the topic of corporate reputation and governance, which comprises the first part of the dissertation, a positivistic, deductive approach was chosen and a self-administered questionnaire has been developed that was sent out to the CEOs of the 60 companies currently covered in the 2002 RQ-rankings. The detailed discussion of the research method can be found in the third chapter. Due to a low response rate, the original research approach had to be adapted, in that - where available - the information requested in the questionnaire was filled by...