Обложка книги The Negotiation Fieldbook

The Negotiation Fieldbook

ISBN: 007144114X; 9780071441148;
Издательство: McGraw-Hill

Book Description Fresh perspectives and guidance for one of today's most essential business skills--negotiation Virtually every step in business involves negotiation of some kind, yet the actual process of conducting a successful negotiation is rarely taught. The Negotiation Fieldbook features proven as well as innovative strategies for handling each phase of negotiation with skill and confidence and provides yous with no-nonsense guidance that can be difficult, if not impossible,to find. The Negotiation Fieldbook explains how to create more value at the table by leading a negotiation first to collaboration and then to agreement. Offering concise, straightforward coverage of a topic too often shrouded in confusion and mystery, this hands-on book describes: Essentials negotiators must focus on to be successful How to sequence each move, from first to last Techniques for rescuing a negotiation that has "broken down"