Обложка книги Astrology Through a Psychic's Eyes

Astrology Through a Psychic's Eyes

ISBN: 5-17-029213-9; 5-271-11594-1; 1561707201;
Издательство: Hay House
Страниц: 134

In this book, Sylvia Browne presents her philosophy on astrology. It is written in a humorous vein, yet is a serious work and intended to educate the reader. Sylvia has done extensive research, using the most reliable data available: real people. She feels that astrology is a living discipline and must be studied with humanity. Only through a close examination of individuals, with all of their fears, strengths, phobias, loves, and spirituality, will a true picture of astrology emerge. More than thirty years of joy, tears, laughter, and knowledge are reflected in this work, gathered by Sylvia during her many thousands of counseling sessions.