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Marcia L. Pearson

Home Office Anywhere: How to Run Your Home Office from Anywhere in the World

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ISBN: 097667100X
Издательство: Digital Press Corp
Год издания: 2005
Download DescriptionIs it possible to run a successful home office business, and not be trapped in it? Can you imagine a life where you could travel AND take care of business from anywhere in the world? What would it take to win that degree of freedom? As a small business owner with a love of travel and adventure, I was determined to find a solution that would enable me to conduct business without physically having to be in my home office. Using the latest advances in business and communications technology, I developed a comprehensive, inexpensive, easy-to-implement system that allows me to summer in Europe and travel extensively, while maintaining and growing my home office business in Atlanta, Georgia. Sound appealing? This step-by-step,easy-to-use manual contains everything you need to know to configure your home-based business for remote operation. Follow these simple instructions, and you'll be up and running quickly?free at last to run your business from...