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Peter Siegel

Selling A California Business: The Ultimate Guide For California Business Owners

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ISBN: 0976198509
Издательство: California Businesses for Sale
Год издания: 2005
Book DescriptionSELLING A BUSINESS CAN BE A TIME-CONSUMING and frustrating experience for those not knowing the ideal way to go about it. This book explains what needs to be done before selling a California business to achieve success. Over 70% of all California business owners who put their business on the market never end up selling! Reasons vary and the common ones are: too high a selling price, unrealistic deal structure, or not being ready for sale in the first place. All business owners should be proactive and start thinking about the sale of their California business well in advance - not at the time they have to sell it. The author has sold his own California businesses by himself and through business brokers and also has the experience asa business broker and consultant for the past 15 years. He knows what it takes to successfully sell a California business. In this book he shares with you all the successful strategies it takes to be successful in Selling A...