Обложка книги Dancing with the Bear: A Serial Entrepreneur Goes East

Dancing with the Bear: A Serial Entrepreneur Goes East

ISBN: 1846730767;
Издательство: GMB Publishing Ltd
Страниц: 224

Part confession and part business guide, Dancing with The Bear chronicles Roger Shashoua??'s unique and extraordinary journey as he encounters and challenges the business and political Establishments ??? both at home and in the emerging markets of Eastern Europe and Russia. Throughout, Shashoua provides street-smart advice on how a new generation might succeed in overcoming the daunting obstacles that he encountered, and make mega-millions in the regions of Russia, China and India. he book outlines how those with an entrepreneurial spirit, prepared to spend up to two years in a new country, can expect $50 million as a modest return. And for those who favour quiet domesticity, Dancing With The Bear provides revealing insight into the mind of a serial entrepreneur during a unique period of business history??? when the ???free market??? began its dance with the Russian bear.