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Thierry Bardini

Bootstrapping: Douglas Engelbart, Coevolution, and the Origins of Personal Computing (Writing Science (Paperback))

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ISBN: 0804738718
Издательство: Stanford University Press
Bootstrapping analyzes the genesis of personal computing from both technological and social perspectives, through a close study of the pathbreaking work of one researcher, Douglas Engelbart. In his lab at the Stanford Research Institute in the 1960s, Engelbart, along with a small team of researchers, developed some of the cornerstones of personal computing as we know it, including the mouse, the windowed user interface, and hypertext. Today, all these technologies are well known, even taken for granted, but the assumptions and motivations behind their invention are not. Bootstrapping establishes Douglas Engelbart?s contribution through a detailed history of both the material and the symbolic constitution of his system?s human-computer interfacein the context of the computer research community in the United States in the 1960s and 1970s. Engelbart felt that the complexity of many of the world?s problems was becoming overwhelming, and the time for solving these...