Обложка книги Encyclopedia of Computers and Computer History

Encyclopedia of Computers and Computer History

ISBN: 1579582354;
Издательство: Fitzroy Dearborn Publishers

The Encyclopedia of Computers and Computer History provides a complete A-to-Z reference guide to computers, their development, and their usage in today's world. Beginning with "Abacus," this two-volume set provides over 900 pages of facts, definitions, biographies, histories, and explanations of a remarkable variety of computer-related subjects. The Encyclopedia's 600 entries--many of which represent the first reference treatment of their subjects--address the diverse topics that form the backbone of the information revolution. Entries include essays on major corporations, computing machines, software, networking, computing concepts, research, laboratories, and pioneering individuals in computing history. In addition to these essays, each entry is also followed by a helpful list of further reading on that subject. Contributors to the Encyclopedia represent a wide cross-section of accomplished scholars in the fields of computer science and scientific history. Their...