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Jeffrey Young

Forbes® Greatest Technology Stories : Inspiring Tales of the Entrepreneurs and Inventors Who Revolutionized Modern Business (Wiley Audio)

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ISBN: 0471243744, 9780471243748
Издательство: Wiley
Год издания: 1998
Страниц: 368
Here is the fascinating story of the making of the high-tech business revolution and the birth of the Digital Age. Packed with all the excitement of scientific discovery and nail-biting suspense of entrepreneurial brinksmanship, journalist Jeffrey Young recounts the exploits of a captivating array of innovative individuals, including: Millionaire-playboy turned visionary-CEO, Thomas Watson, Jr.—how he helped pioneer the business computing industry in the early 1950s and made IBM its undisputed master for the next three decades The ever-controversial William Shockley—the complete story of his development of the transistor at Bell Labs and his misbegotten efforts to capitalize on his discovery Ed Roberts—the innovative naval engineer turned mail-order entrepreneur who pioneered the microcomputer revolution in his Albuquerque garage, and then missed his chance to dominate the industry Fast-talking hippie-entrepreneur Steve Jobs and engineering genius...
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