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Marilyn, Ph.D. Manning, Patricia Haddock

Developing As a Professional: 50 Tips for Getting Ahead (Fifty-Minute Series)

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ISBN: 1560526971
Издательство: Crisp Publications
Knowing your job is an important step in getting ahead at work, but being good at your job may not be enough. You must also be thought of as a professional business person. Being a professional is more than being technically proficient. It's being able to communicate effectively, interact with others appropriately, and develop long-term, mutually beneficial relationships. This book was written to help you build your reputation as a true professional. If you practice the tips, you will develop the skills you need to succeed. We suggest that you take things slowly. Choose one tip to start with and when it becomes a habit, add one or two more. People with a reputation of professionalism are seen as those who are flexible and want to learn. As you change some habits, you will be noticed as someone others can depend on and trust.
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