Обложка книги Haunted Weather : Music, Silence, and Memory

Haunted Weather : Music, Silence, and Memory

ISBN: 1852428120;
Издательство: Serpent's Tail

Is it possible to grow electronic sounds, as if they were plants in a garden? Why are childhood memories of sound and silence so important to our emotional development? Is it valid to classify audio recordings of wind or electrical hum as musical compositions? Why have the sounds of our environment become so important to sound artists and why is atmosphere so important in music? In Haunted Weather , David Toop asks these questions and gauges the impact of new technology on contemporary music's sound. David Toop is a highly regarded author, music critic and musician. Since 1995, he has released three solo albums, curated five compilation albums (including the soundtrack to Ocean of Sound ). His books include Rap Attack 3, Ocean of Sound and Exotica .

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