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D. C. ?) Public Pension Fund Management Conference 2003 (Washington, PUBLIC PENSION FUND MANAGEMENT

Public Pension Fund Management

Обложка книги Public Pension Fund Management

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ISBN: 0821359983
Издательство: World Bank
Год издания: 2004
Страниц: 316
Until recently, "public pension fund management" is an area that received little attention by policymakers, practitioners, and development agencies. Even though there is growing interest in the public pension fund reform both in emerging and developed countries, there are not many resources available in the market in this area. The World Bank decided to actively contribute to the international debate over the public pension fund management in order to better advise its clients and design its programs in this area. One of the most important aspects of this effort, and one in which the World Bank has some comparative advantage, is in bringing together country experiences in order to learn which policies have been working and which policies have failed. Public Pension Fund Management highlights the key themes and findings of the Second Public Pension Fund Management Conference which was organized by the Bank and took place in May 2003. This book addresses issues of governance,...
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