Обложка книги The Credit Repair Kit (Credit Repair Kit)

The Credit Repair Kit (Credit Repair Kit)

ISBN: 0793180600;
Издательство: Kaplan Business
Страниц: 288

A bad credit record can make it tough to get a loan or adequate insurance, find a good job, or rent an apartment. Yet, nearly half of all credit records contain serious errors. The new edition of The Credit Repair Kit provides consumers with all the information they need to order a copy of their credit record, understand what their records say about them, and deal with any problems they may find in those records. Nationally known bankruptcy attorney John Ventura also educates readers about their legal rights under the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act. Among other things, The Credit Repair Kit tells readers how to: *Fight back if a credit bureau will not correct an error in a credit record,including how to sue a credit bureau or creditor. *Rebuild credit after financial difficulties. *Avoid becoming the victim of identity theft and credit-rebuilding scams. *Interpret a credit score. With identity theft on the rise, The Credit Repair Kit also advises consumers...