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John K. Waters, John K. Waters

John Chambers and the Cisco Way: Navigating Through Volatility

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ISBN: 0471008338, 9780471008330
Издательство: Wiley
JOHN CHAMBERS AND THECISCO WAY: Navigating through Volatility Under the leadership of CEO John Chambers, Cisco Systems has become one of the world's leading technology companies. Chambers's management philosophy and business strategies have allowed Cisco to dominate the computer networking industry and to move into cutting-edge telecommunications markets. In the few short years since Chambers took over as chief executive, the once-invisible "Internet plumbing" supplier has become a household name,and its CEO has emerged as a leading light in high tech. John Chambers and the Cisco Way: Navigating through Volatility offers an up-close look at the career, philosophy, and vision of one of America's top CEOs. Through expert insights and extensive interviews of industry analysts, venture capitalists, and Cisco executives, employees, customers, and competitors, this engaging book skillfully explores Chambers's rise to prominence and the evolution of Cisco Systems. ...