Обложка книги Money and Divorce: The First 90 Days and after...

Money and Divorce: The First 90 Days and after...


ISBN: 1572485248;
Издательство: Sphinx Publishing
Страниц: 304

Written by two experts in divorce planning, this book arms readers with the knowledge and tools they need to make it through a divorce with their financial skins intact. Divorce is a major wealth redistribution event, yet financial planners never mention it. Once it has been determined that there is no going back, then both parties must move forward-emotionally and financially. To this end, financial issues are discussed in 90-day, timeline formats that divorce attorneys use. Should I keep the house or sell it? Will I get alimony? How much? When does it start? Will I get any of the 401(k)? Who takes the children as tax deductions? Readers learn about the financial risks and ramifications involved, as well as how to prepare themselves for any eventuality. Proven strategies for negotiating the best possible financial solution, along with valuable work sheets, checklists and sample documents are included.