Обложка книги Sell Now!: The End of the Housing Bubble

Sell Now!: The End of the Housing Bubble

ISBN: 0312357885;
Издательство: St. Martin's Griffin
Страниц: 208

Sell Now! offers a controversial and convincing new explanation of why house prices have been driven to unsustainable highs by government policy and banking interests, and examines what will happen when the bubble deflates. This important and timely book answers the key questions for millions of American homeowners wondering how much their house is really worth, and will prices keep going up? The book addresses: Why are the Fed, Fannie Mae, and Freddie Mac keeping interest rates low and driving consumers to adjustable rate mortgages? What happens when rates on those mortgages rise quickly? How bad can it get? What to do about it, when, and how. John R. Talbott brings years of experience in investing and economic trend-spotting to bear on these key issues.

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