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Roderic Duncan

A Judge's Guide to Divorce: Uncommon Advice from the Bench

Обложка книги A Judge's Guide to Divorce: Uncommon Advice from the Bench

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ISBN: 1413305687
Издательство: NOLO
Год издания: 2007
Страниц: 224
The inside scoop on divorce, from the judge who's seen it all! "Whatever you do, try to keep your case out of divorce court." These key words set the stage for A Judge's Guide to Divorce, which exposes a system in which everyone loses -- especially the kids. Fortunately, there's hope: A Judge's Guide to Divorce shows you how to reach your own agreements outside the courtroom, in the most civil manner possible. But if court is unavoidable, this book will help you at every step. Find out about: the alternatives to divorce court courtroom etiquette how and where to get legal help dividing property fairly determining alimony and child support settling custody and visitation issues enforcing court orders getting on with your life Plus, the book comes with a CD-ROM that features an interview with Judge Duncan and audio scenarios that can help...
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