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Wayne Nance, William Hendricks, J. Keet Lewis

Thin, Rich and Happy: Take 3 Minutes to Start Your New Life

Обложка книги Thin, Rich and Happy: Take 3 Minutes to Start Your New Life

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ISBN: 0743289374
Издательство: Fireside
Год издания: 2007
Страниц: 320
67% of Americans are overweight. 85% will retire in debt. 50% of marriages end in divorce. Are you struggling with one of these challenges? Discover what's holding you back from a fully lived life. Take the 3-Minute Survey and discover how to use your inborn attitudes to alter every aspect of your life. Three minutes can put you back in control of: your weight, your money, your relationships When you find the numbers on the scale are too high, you go on the latest fad diet. When your finances are getting out of control, you look for someone or something to bail you out. When you are having difficulty in your relationship, you try to spend more time with your significant other. But all too often, the weight slips back on. Or the credit card bills begin to pile up again. You and your partner retreat from the passionate intimacy you both long for. Why does this happen? Because diets, budgets, and...
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