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Jeffrey Jones

The Unaffordable Nation: Searching for a Decent Life in America

Обложка книги The Unaffordable Nation: Searching for a Decent Life in America

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ISBN: 159102515X
Издательство: Prometheus Books
Год издания: 2007
The American dream used to mean that if you worked hard, saved money, and didn't spend extravagantly, you'd be guaranteed a decent life. That article of faith is no more; it has been replaced by a growing fear that even two incomes will prove insufficient to afford a home in a good neighborhood, a reliable vehicle, quality schools, healthcare, the means to care for aging relatives, and the leisure to properly raise children. The middle class is waking up to the sobering realization that the United States is fast becoming an unaffordable nation. Transcending ordinary politics, Jeffrey Jones addresses every member of the American community, not as liberal or conservative or as Democrat or Republican, but in the most basic and equal of terms: in their capacities as working persons dependent upon their occupations, their employers, and the government regulation of both to earn a decent living. He uncovers the profound moral consensus among Americans from every walk of life...
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