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Brian C. Anderson

Democratic Capitalism and Its Discontents

Обложка книги Democratic Capitalism and Its Discontents

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ISBN: 1933859245
Издательство: Intercollegiate Studies Institute
Год издания: 2007
Despite the fall of its ideological enemiesa?”the political messianisms of communism and national socialisma?”democratic capitalism faces extraordinary challenges in the new millennium, argues City Journal editor and South Park Conservatives author Brian C. Anderson in this thought-provoking new book. Not only has a fanatical form of Islam distrupted the peace and prosperity of the postcommunist era, which some had wrongly heralded as a liberal-democratic a??end of historya??; our free societies also remain haunted by internal demonsa?”egalitarian fantasies, moral libertinism, an arid and unsustainable secularism, a suicide of culture. Yet nothing ordains the triumph of these demons over the democratic capitalist prospect, Anderson believes. Drawing on a rich anti-utopian tradition of political thought, he defends the real achievements of the free society against an array of critics, ranging from Jean-Paul Sartre to British anti-market...
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