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Michael Hauben, Ronda Hauben, Thomas Truscott

Netizens : On the History and Impact of Usenet and the Internet

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ISBN: 0818677066, 9780818677069
Издательство: Wiley-IEEE Computer Society Pr
Netizens , one of the first books detailing the Internet, looks at the creation and development of this participatory global computer network. The authors conducted online research to find out what makes the Internet "tick". This research results in an informative examination of the pioneering vision and actions that have helped make the Net possible. The book is a detailed description of the Net's construction and a step-by-step view of the past, present, and future of the Internet, the Usenet andthe WWW. The book gives you the needed perspective to understand how the Net can impact the present and the turbulent future. These questions are answered: What is the vision that inspired or guided these people at each step? What was the technicalor social problem or need that they were trying to solve? What can be done to help nourish the future extension and development of the Net? How can the Net be made available to a broader set of people?
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