Обложка книги Coolhunting: Chasing Down the Next Big Thing

Coolhunting: Chasing Down the Next Big Thing


ISBN: 0814473865; 9780814473863;
Издательство: AMACOM/American Management Association
Страниц: 236

What do the iPod, MySpace, Facebook, and YouTube all have in common? They're fresh, they're hot, and most importantly--they're cool. But while many companies embark on the eternal quest for the next big thing, very few know how to actually find it. Coolhunting will take you into the very heart of the search and show you how to find trendsetters, spot innovations, and turn brilliant ideas into hot new trends. Major companies like Starbucks and Procter & Gamble have already discovered the power of coolhunting. Now, you can learn how to: * Tap into the principles of cool and identify the trends that are truly cutting-edge * cultivate the skills and techniques of highly effective coolhunters * pinpoint developing trends using smartbadges An invaluable tool for businesses of all sizes, Coolhunting will show you how to stay ahead of the curve and on the cutting edge of where your customers want to be taken.