Обложка книги The Digital Business Ecosystem

The Digital Business Ecosystem

ISBN: 1847200435;
Издательство: Edward Elgar Pub

By bringing together elements of a radical new approach to the firm based on a biological metaphor of the ecosystem, this unique book extends the limits of existing theories traditionally used to investigate business networks. The book illustrates that like a biological system, a business ecosystem is a non-homogeneous community of entities made up of a large number of interconnected participants with different interests; they depend on each other for their mutual effectiveness and survival, and so are bound together in a collective whole. By applying this new paradigm - labeled the `digital business ecosystem' - the book goes on to show: * methods used by companies to compete and cooperate within their market and technological environment * how modern businesses shape this environment through their deliberate actions and investment * the ways in which new digital technologies feed into the environment and influence how firms and groups of firms...

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