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Diana H. Hook, Jeremy M. Norman, Michael R. Williams

Origins of Cyberspace: A Library on the History of Computing and Computer-Related Telecommunications (Limited Edition)

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ISBN: 0930405854
Издательство: Norman Pub.
This beautifully designed, finely produced, and extensively illustrated book describes a library of technical reports, books, pamphlets, ephemera, letters, typescripts, manuscripts, prints, photographs, blueprints, and medals on the history of computing,networking, and related aspects of telecommunications. The material it describes ranges chronologically from 1613 to about 1970. There are 1411 annotated entries. Few of the bibliographies of scientific and technological classics consulted by twentieth-century science collectors included any representation of computing. Harrison Horblit?s One Hundred Books Famous in Science and Printing and the Mind of Man cited only the seventeenth century invention of logarithms by John Napier relative to thehistory of computing. Bern Dibner?s Heralds of Science also cited that and Napier?s Rabdologiae. En Francais dans le texte ignored the topic of computing entirely. Hook and Norman?s catalogue of The Haskell F. Norman...
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