Обложка книги International Patent Treaties with Commentary

International Patent Treaties with Commentary

ISBN: 0195323181; 9780379215434;
Издательство: Oxford University Press, USA
Страниц: 592

Intellectual property rights are territorial, as are most rights derived by law. For example, patents protect ideas only in the country that grants the patent. To promote the ease of international commerce, there is a concerted effort by trading nations to standardize the laws of intellectual property via a treaty; particularly a multinational treaty, as opposed to a bilateral treaty. Understanding this ongoing and somewhat nascent effort is critical to practitioners in the field of intellectual property rights as well as to business people and politicians. Patent rights are the least globalized intellectual property rights, in contrast to copyright and trademark rights. However, over the last three decades, trademark's benefit to commerce has become more acknowledged, and so patent rights have become more standardized. This book shows patent holders how to use these multinational treaties to expand their patents on a country-by-country basis. International Patent Treaties with...

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