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Prakash Gopalakrishnan, Rob A. Rutenbar

Direct Transistor-Level Layout for Digital Blocks

Обложка книги Direct Transistor-Level Layout for Digital Blocks

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ISBN: 1402076657
Издательство: Springer
Год издания: 2004
Страниц: 180
Cell-based design methodologies have dominated layout generation of digital circuits. Unfortunately, the growing demands for transparent process portability, increased performance, and low-level device sizing for timing/power are poorly handled in a fixed cell library. Direct Transistor-Level Layout For Digital Blocks proposes a direct transistor-level layout approach for small blocks of custom digital logic as an alternative that better accommodates demands for device-level flexibility. This approach captures essential shape-level optimizations, yet scales easily to netlists with thousands of devices, and incorporates timing optimization during layout. The key idea is early identification of essential diffusion-merged MOS device groups, and their preservation in an uncommitted geometric form until the very end of detailed placement. Roughly speaking, essential groups are extracted early from the transistor-level netlist, placed globally, optimized locally, and...