Обложка книги Electrodynamics: A Modern Geometric Approach (Progress in Mathematical Physics)

Electrodynamics: A Modern Geometric Approach (Progress in Mathematical Physics)

ISBN: 0817640258;
Издательство: Birkhauser
Страниц: 404

The emphasis in this text is on classical electromagnetic theory and electrodynamics, that is, dynamical solutions to the Lorentz-force and Maxwell's equations. The natural appearance of the Minkowski spacetime metric in the paravector space of Clifford's geometric algebra is used to formulate a covariant treatment in special relativity that seamlessly connects spacetime concepts to the spatial vector treatments common in undergraduate texts. Baylis' geometrical interpretation, using such powerful tools as spinors and projectors, essentially allows a component-free notation and avoids the clutter of indices required in tensorial treatments. The exposition is clear and progresses systematically - from a discussion of electromagnetic units and an explanation of how the SI system can be readily converted to the Gaussian or natural Heaviside-Lorentz systems, to an introduction of geometric algebra and the paravector model of spacetime, and finally, special relativity. Other topics...

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