Обложка книги Elementary Number Theory (5th Edition)

Elementary Number Theory (5th Edition)

ISBN: 0321237072;
Издательство: Addison Wesley
Страниц: 744

This latest edition of Kenneth Rosen's widely used Elementary Number Theory and Its Applications enhances the flexibility and depth of previous editions while preserving their strengths. Rosen effortlessly blends classic theory with contemporary applications. New examples, additional applications and increased cryptology coverage are also included. The book has also been accuracy-checked to ensure the quality of the content. A diverse group of exercises are presented to help develop skills. Also included are computer projects. The book contains updated and increased coverage of Cryptography and new sections on MA¶bius Inversion and solving Polynomial Congruences. Historical content has also been enhanced to show the history for the modern material. For those interested in number theory.

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