Обложка книги Applied Calculus for Scientists and Engineers

Applied Calculus for Scientists and Engineers

ISBN: 0763728772;
Издательство: Jones & Bartlett Publishers
Страниц: 869

Applied Calculus for Scientists and Engineers is an invitation to an intellectual journey into a discipline that has profoundly influenced the development of Western Civilization for more than three hundred years. The author takes a functional pedagogical approach through the use of a dialogue-based writing style that is uniquely suited to make transparent the essential problem-solving strategies. As the text follows Simplicio and Sophie in their struggle to understand the teacher's explanations, students will find that many of their own difficulties are adequately addressed and elegantly resolved. The text is centered at the idea that good teaching must bring knowledge to life. True to this premise, the author has taken great care to present all mathematical subjects within the context of stimulating applications that cover a wide range of topics in science and engineering. Also included are engaging discussions of the historical and philosophical background that gave the...