Обложка книги BULLEID 4-6-2 MERCHANT NAVY CLASS (Locomotives in Detail)

BULLEID 4-6-2 MERCHANT NAVY CLASS (Locomotives in Detail)

ISBN: 0711030138;
Издательство: Ian Allan Publishing
Страниц: 112

Although the UK's Southern Railway 'Merchant Navy' class of locomotives totaled only 30 examples, it is among the most complex of any when all details are considered. For the first time, this book presents comprehensive drawings in 4mm scale for each of the three series as well as the rebuilt locomotives, together with the main external alterations applied throughout their lives to 1967. The text, supported by many photographs, takes a fresh look at the development history of the 'Merchant Navy' class and explains the main changes, including liveries, in detail. John Harvey has maintained a lifelong interest in steam railroads, especially the Southern. Since retirement he has undertaken extensive research into Southern locomotive history, including liveries, with the object of supporting the construction of accurate models Richard Green is a graphic designer with an interest in steam railroads and a passion for producing locomotive drawings