Обложка книги E-Literature for Children: Enhancing Digital Literacy Learning

E-Literature for Children: Enhancing Digital Literacy Learning

ISBN: 041533330X;
Издательство: Routledge
Страниц: 174

Today, children's literature engages young readers not only with favorite books, but also through an explosion of multi-media digital storytelling on CD-ROM, the internet, and via myriad complex computer game narratives. So how can children's experiences of digital literature be channeled into more enjoyable and challenging classroom literary learning experiences? E-Literature for Children will help practicing teachers and students of teacher education to understand the differences and similarities of the literary experience for children through classic, contemporary and innovative narratives in both book and computer formats - in order to enhance their pupils' understanding of the 'text'. E-Literature for Children uniquely draws together issues of pedagogy, children's literature in education and computer technology and literacy. The author describes practical functional analyses of language and images in the context of real-live classroom learning...