Обложка книги In the Mind of a Game

In the Mind of a Game


ISBN: 1592009379;
Издательство: Course Technology PTR
Страниц: 384

In the Mind of a Game provides a core set of historical, theoretical, and critical writings on computer game studies. The topics it incorporates span the academic and industrial spectra and furnish more than a simple anthology of critical essays. It can serve as a valuable resource for professional game developers, and it furnishes a ready asset for teachers and students involved in game development or literary, film, and game criticism; professional and academic critical writers; and students in the arts and humanities who seek computer games as a topic of critical writing. It provides philosophical, anthropological, and sociological views of computer games, and it incorporates topics from discourse theory and cognitive psychology to provide perspectives on the culture of computer game playing and game development. Coverage includes discussion of the development, use, marketing, financing, criticism, and consumption of computer games. Two chapters offer a personalized account of the...

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