Обложка книги Noise In Linear And Nonlinear Circuits (Artech House Microwave Library)

Noise In Linear And Nonlinear Circuits (Artech House Microwave Library)

ISBN: 1580538495;
Издательство: Artech House Publishers
Страниц: 294

Overcome the effects of noise to push the level of circuit performance with this practical reference. Thoroughly explaining the theory of noise in high-frequency circuits, the book focuses on the real-world problems noise creates. It provides you with a full understanding of methods for analyzing and minimizing noise in linear and nonlinear circuits. The book pays special attention to phase noise in oscillators, offering you a comprehensive and accessible treatment of this critical topic. Additionally, this authoritative volume examines noise in low-noise amplifiers, mixers, and frequency multipliers. Computer-aided design software is now indispensable in analyzing noise, and this book explains how this software operates so you can use it more effectively in circuit design. If you develop noise analysis software, this reference is a must-have for understanding the numerical theory that is the basis of the software you develop. Noise creates the fundamental limits to circuit...